About Me

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Currently in Bologna, Italy.

Focused on building tools that reduce barriers to modern data + technology solutions in sport and business. If you want to work together, shoot me an email.

Finishing my Master's in Statistics in the Data Science stream at the University of Bologna. In my free time you can find me coaching volleyball, learning something new, building ideas, or with family and friends.

Public Projects

  • ML Classifier Comparison

    Compared six ML classifiers on COVID-19 data from Brazil. Methods of improving efficiency and effectiveness are included.

    Notebook Repo

  • Multilingual NLP Analysis

    Classifying multilingual customer service tickets based on sentiment and urgency to improve resource allocation.

    Web App Repo

  • Serve Velocity Analysis

    An interactive Shiny app for portable analysis and breakdown of advanced player serving data.

    Web App Repo


My data science timeline. For more career details, check out my profile on LinkedIn.

  • Graduated from Queen's University

    Finished my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with the intent of working in sport psychology.
  • Coaching with Queen's Volleyball

    Took on a large role with the Queen's Men's team, where I built upon my love for coaching and found a passion for data. I worked with the team until 2022.
  • Using Python and R with Coaching

    Started to realize the potential of developing proper data pipelines, but my knowledge was still limited. Responsible for collecting, analysing, and presenting findings within our team.
  • Fine-Tuning Our Data-Driven Processes

    After building effective methods for quantifying decisions, I presented our principles and methods with the rest of the Queen's Athletics High-Performance dept.
  • Further Developing Programming Skills

    Used downtime through COVID to dive deeper into programming and integrate it with upcoming and existing projects. Developed personal and professional tools via Python, R, Shiny, Tableau, and others.
  • Starting my Master's in Statistics in Bologna

    Despite having an unrelated Bachelor's, I was able to build a portfolio to earn a position in a Master's degree in Statistics + Data Science.
  • Building TIGS, a Volleyball Desktop App

    Taking experiences from years prior, I started building a cross-platform application in Python to bring modern volleyball analytics to teams with less funding.

Recent Presentations

Data-Informed Decision Making in Sport 

Points Win Volleyball Games 

Stress, Arousal, and Anxiety Management 

Publications and Proposals

Separate motor memories are formed when controlling different implicitly specified locations on a tool.

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Article Summary | Computer Vision